If you are resident or work in Louisiana or Texas, Pegasus Funding can assist you with a lawsuit cash advance. If you live elsewhere Pegasus Funding can help you if you have a 3rd party claim in addition to your Workmans’ Compensation On the way to an important... Read more →

A number of people are injured at their workplace, which is very common. The question is what are the legal steps you can take to recover from it? A recent nation-wide study revealed that one in five said that they get hurt at the workplace . However, injuries at the workplace... Read more →

Work injuries happen all the time, they are not unusual. But, have you ever asked yourself what legal options you have if you get hurt while working? Findlaw.com made a survey and the results are not so surprising – one in five Americans was injured while working . But, besides obvious... Read more →

The possibility to have an injury at work is high since tons of situations and events may cause trouble, and may possibly lead to minimal to grave dangers of injury while at the workplace. Furthermore, having an injury while at work may not only affect your physical body but also... Read more →

Injury Settlements can be Worth Millions Recently a jury in Montana determined that a man was entitled to almost $4 million in compensation based on the injuries that he had received on the job. Unloading logs at a pulp mill, the plaintiff fractured both his pelvis and back due to unsafe... Read more →