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U.S. appeals court upholds $43 million verdict against Nassau County A federal appeals court has upheld a $43 million jury verdict against Nassau County in a lawsuit filed by two men who were exonerated in the 1984 murder and rape of a Lynbrook teenager after serving nearly 18 years in... Read more →

The shooting of Michael Brown, Jr. is currently one of the most controversial news in Ferguson, Missouri today. Michael Brown, Jr. was a victim of a police shooting. On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, Jr. and his friend, Dorian Johnson were walking down a street. Darren Wilson, which is a... Read more →

Lawsuit Financing is the process where a third party, usually a funding company, helps finance a litigant’s lawsuit case and other related costs. A funding company provides cash advances to litigants in exchange for a percentage in the settlement amount if the litigant wins. However, the funding companies will not... Read more →

Judge Calculates New York’s Payment for Wrongful Imprisonment: About $5.5 Million Posted on May 3, 2013 by Nancy Petro What financial number would you put on the loss of nine years, nine years of freedom exchanged for nine years in prison? What’s the price of family separation, damaged relationships, stress and anxiety?
wrongful conviction

Imagine someone having to spend twenty or more of his/her prime years in prison, merely because of wrongful imprisonment. In recent times, New York alone has witnessed a series of exoneration’s freeing people wrongfully convicted The pain is aggravated when you also know that it took under 10 minutes... Read more →
Wrongful Imprisonment

The lawyers at Pegasus Legal Funding are passionate about extending a helping hand to victims of Police brutality, Wrongful imprisonment, and Prison injury cases arising from neglect. Pegasus enjoys a leadership position in this type of cases and understands the pain it inflicts on the society when innocent people... Read more →