The Controversy

The lawsuit funding industry is an industry that has just become popular in the United States over the past two decades. Although it is becoming increasingly popular in personal injury lawsuits, it is still a somewhat controversial area in the legal community. Some attorneys have not had much experience with lawsuit funding while other attorneys have had some negative experiences with the industry.

Attorneys who have not had experience with the lawsuit funding industry may not see its purpose. However, the legal funding industry can be very beneficial to personal injury victims who do not have the money to survive until they get their personal injury settlement.

Other attorneys have had negative experiences with the lawsuit funding industry. Some legal funding companies frequently call and email the attorneys wanting information about the case or the client. Further, some legal funding companies charge extremely high rates and have hidden fees. This makes life difficult on the attorney when it is time to settle the case. The attorney has to take into consideration how much of the final settlement will be going to the legal funding company and how much will be left for the client.

Pegasus Legal Funding tries to demonstrate the positive aspects of the legal funding industry. Pegasus Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding to personal injury victim that need the money in order to survive and obtain a fair settlement. Pegasus Legal Funding contacts the attorneys only for information necessary to approve the client for legal funding. After the approval or denial, Pegasus Legal Funding does not get involved in the case. Further, Pegasus Legal Funding has the lowest interest rates in the legal funding industry. Pegasus Legal Funding clearly lists the interest rates for the lawsuit funding on the contract with the client and there are no hidden fees.

Although the legal funding industry is still controversial among attorneys, Pegasus Legal Funding hopes to demonstrate just how beneficial and convenient the legal funding industry can be for personal injury victims.

.:About the author:.

Tiffany Sherrill is a paralegal at Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Recently Tiffany was the assistant to the General Counsel at PLF with a focus on contract and financial aspects of Litigation Funding. Tiffany is also continuing here education pursuing a Juris Doctor degree.


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