Understanding Case Loans Part 2 of 2

Some “Case Loans” Full Particulars

It is wise for clients to be working closely with their attorneys when considering a “case loan” in order to obtain the best arrangement, and clients would have someone to review the contracts with them. Although lawyers are not compulsory in negotiating terms of a case loan, but they could also aid in identifying the willing and experienced lawsuit funding companies.

Lawyers are granted to loan the out-of-pocket costs of the ongoing court case; however, they are prohibited to provide money to their clients. This is to avoid situations that would cause conflict of interest between the attorneys and their clients. This is a major concern of bar associations and state legislatures.

There are instances wherein lawyers are tempted to pursue for a faster but smaller recovery, or to be satisfied with a settlement offer that covers the lawyer’s loan to the client, but little or nothing more. And for that reason, these strictures were formed. Keeping the client’s best interest is essential; hence, it is safer for the clients’ and lawyers’ financial interest to be separated.

It is not written in any regulation that a lawyer is prevented from referring clients to certain lenders and lawsuit financing companies that would help their clients in obtaining the financial aid needed during the pendency of a lawsuit.

Pegasus Legal Funding is the Right Company For You

Pegasus Legal funding is just one of the many companies that offer cash advances for lawsuits with the best price guarantee. We offer rates as low as 1.67% a month. In circumstances wherein Pegasus Legal Funding approves cash advance application and legal funding companies sends you a written contract to advance the same amount at a lower total cost, Pegasus Legal Funding will beat that deal or pay you $100.

Within 24 hours upon the acquirement of your case information, Pegasus Legal Funding will inform you if your case will be funded. Other companies claim to do so but Pegasus Legal Funding can actually deliver on that promise. In some cases, after receiving the required information from you and your attorney, it only takes 4-6 hours for a decision to be released.

Pegasus Legal Funding has the resources to fund hefty cash advances. The usual offers range from as low as $500 to as high as $500,000. Pegasus Legal Funding provides cash advances despite your affiliation to another companies’ services.

If the cash advance is approved, your prior cash advance is transferred to the company to provide the lowest interest rates on your additional funding. Your cases will be reviewed for free and all additional help will be provided. If an attorney is unavailable, the company can match you with an experienced attorney to help you win the case.
Pegasus Legal funding works with the best surgeons, doctors, and hospitals and negotiates the lowest possible prices for your treatment. Pegasus Legal Funding makes sure to provide unmatched client satisfaction.

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