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Mary was a single mother working two jobs to provide a life for her children. One night, when she was leaving work, she was hit by a man driving a company-owned truck after he ran a red light. Mary’s left leg was crushed and her left arm was broken. There were several eyewitnesses who saw the man run the red light, but the company was still reluctant to accept liability for Mary’s injuries.

Three months later, Mary’s landlord knocked on her door. He demanded she pay the rent she owed. She explained that she did not have the money because she had been out of work since the accident. She assured him she would pay him as soon as she could get her personal injury settlement. The landlord was not sympathetic. He told her that she had a week to pay the money she owed. The next day, she received a settlement offer from the company. The offer was not enough to pay even half of the medical bills she had accumulated. Mary’s attorney told her that her injury was worth much more than she was offered and encouraged her to wait for a better settlement offer. Nonetheless, Mary accepted the offer because she needed the money in order to keep her apartment. Three months later, Mary ran out of settlement money. A month later, Mary was evicted and on the street with her three children.

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Alexander Khanas is a Principal and co-founder of Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Alexander possesses a background in
financial expertise, which he brings to Pegasus, and oversees the daily operations of the organization.


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