Why do I need to have an attorney?

Why Do I Need to Have an Attorney?

In order to receive a lawsuit cash advance from Pegasus Legal Funding, you must have an attorney representing you in your personal injury case. The main reason Pegasus Legal Funding requires personal injury plaintiffs to have an attorney representing them in order to qualify for legal funding is because Pegasus Legal Funding is investing in the personal injury victim’s case. Although some personal injury victims could be able to get a settlement without an attorney, most personal injury victims would not be able to do so. Pegasus Legal Funding only gets paid if the personal injury victim gets a settlement. Since an attorney is typically necessary in order to receive a fair personal injury settlement, Pegasus Legal Funding only funds cases where the personal injury client is represented by an attorney.

Further, most personal injury attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee. This means they get paid only if the client gets a settlement. The pay the attorney receives is a percentage of the personal injury victim’s settlement. So, most attorneys do not accept personal injury cases they do not believe they can win. If the attorney cannot win the case, they will not receive any money and are wasting their time working on the case. Thus, if an attorney agrees to represent a client, it typically indicates that the case has some legal merits.

Further, there are certain documents Pegasus Legal Funding needs in order to evaluate a case. Although personal injury victims may be able to get these documents, attorneys are often a lot more efficient at obtaining these documents. Thus, attorneys help speed up the legal funding process, so we can help as many personal injury victims as possible.

Pegasus Legal Funding wants to help personal injury victims get a fair settlement and our attorney requirement helps ensure all our clients are able to do so.

MyLawFunds.com has provided settlement loan services to numerous plaintiffs all across the country. With our quick response system, we are able to provide the much needed funds to all of our applicants in a very short span of time usually within 3 working days, making our lawsuit funding services one of the fastest in America. The expert assessment teams with us make sure that our rates are lower than the rates provided by any other online settlement loan service provider. We usually provide financial assistance to individuals, companies and attorneys who have exhausted their resources while awaiting a fair settlement. Our cash advances will provide much needed relief to litigants who have been finding it to difficult to pay the increasing cost of litigation and other day-to-day expenses. Get the finest settlement loan services only from us!

Claimants can apply for lawsuit loans from us through the online application form available at our site. For applying, you have to just submit the form with all your personal details and our executives will contact you, as soon as possible, for further paperwork to be completed so that you get the funds as early as possible. Unlike personal loans, where you have to pay back even if the case is not settled, here you will not have to pay us back until the case is settled. If the case is not settled in your favor, you do not have to pay us back the money advanced by us. Our settlement loan services cover cases like medical malpractices, personal injuries, wrongful termination and a host of other lawsuits filed in the American courts. Any litigant can apply for our lawsuit loan services and be worry-free during the rest of their litigation proceedings!

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