Why Pay Broker FEES on your Legal Funding?

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You are here because you’re involved in a lawsuit and are waiting for the outcome of the case, but need money now. But did you know when you get a lawsuit funding from a Broker, there are two checks made out. One check for your cash advance and the other check sent to the Broker.

And when your case settles, you will end up paying that Broker’s commission.
And that can be up to 20% of the amount you received. That’s a $2000 FEE for your $10000 funding!
And that fee accrues interest while you are waiting for your settlement

But there is good news, you found Pegasus Funding LLC . Pegasus is a direct funder, which means the cash you receive will come directly from us. There are no Broker FEES, NONE, ZERO, NADA!

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How will you know that we’re a direct funder? Easy enough, the check for your lawsuit cash will say Pegasus Funding. Ask those other companies whose name will be on the checks written!

You’re smart consumer who has been searching the legal finance industry, so why pay more?
You don’t have, so contact us today, call or fill out the form to the right and lets us review your case to see how much money we can provide you.

Pegasus encourages those looking for a lawsuit cash advance to carefully research your options and to only take a funding when you have no other choices.

Some important things what makes Pegasus your best choice:

  • No Broker FEES. The funds comes directly from us and not a third party where there will be additional costs that YOU will end up paying if you do receive your cash advance from a direct funder like Pegasus (The check you receive from us will say Pegasus)
  • Pegasus Legal Funding is a proud member of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) . And as a member we must follow strict guidelines that protect you when obtaining a legal funding. Things like you will have all financial costs for your advance clearly listed (and NO BROKERFEES).
  • You will have 5 days after you receive the funds to return the money and cancel the agreement, no questions asked
  • Best price: If Pegasus agrees to give you a cash advance and another lawsuit funding company will advance the same amount at a lower total cost, we will beat that deal or pay you $100 Guaranteed!
  • You can use the cash we give you for anything, there are no restrictions

Pegasus has some of the best rates in the industry

  • Rates from 1.67% to 3.3% per month
  • No upfront fees ever! Application is free. You can get a firm quote today by applying
  • You are only obligated to re-pay when your case settles
  • If you lose your case, you get to keep the money we gave you and owe use nothing
  • If you already have a funding with another Legal Funding company, re-finance with Pegasus and get additional funds

For example if you are approved for a $10,000.00 funding from Pegasus with a flat rate of 2.5% , the table below will show you how much you would owe if you receive your settlement at these date ranges:

If you repay at You will Owe
Month 6$11,500.00
Month 12$13,000.00
Month 18$14,500.00
Month 24$16,000.00
Month 30$17.500.00
Month 36$19,000.00

About the author

James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible
Author:James Sheridan


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