Why the Wait?

It takes a lot longer for a personal injury lawsuit to be completed and for a settlement to be reached than would be expected. The legal system is very complicated and requires parties to jump through many hoops before they are able to get a settlement in a case. Complaints must be filed; discovery must be conducted; court dates must be booked; the list goes on and on. Often even more time consuming is the attempted negotiations between the parties. The attorney for the plaintiff is going to try to get the best possible settlement for his client. The attorney for the defendant is going to try to give as little as possible to the plaintiff. Thus, it often takes a while before the parties can agree to meet in the middle. The longer it takes the more inclined the plaintiff is to settle for less than they deserve just so they can get their personal injury settlement.

Even after a settlement is reached, the money is not automatically transferred to the plaintiff. Instead, the plaintiff will often have to wait for the insurance to process the settlement or wait for the defendant to find a way to pay the settlement.

Personal injury plaintiffs often cannot afford to wait for the legal system to provide them with their settlement without getting financial assistance elsewhere. Pegasus Legal Funding provides non-recourse cash advances to plaintiffs who are tired of waiting to get their money. This gives personal injury plaintiffs money and patience to wait for the legal system to do its job.

.:About the author:.

Tiffany Sherrill is a paralegal at Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Recently Tiffany was the assistant to the General Counsel at PLF with a focus on contract and financial aspects of Litigation Funding. Tiffany is also continuing here education pursuing a Juris Doctor degree.


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