Why wait for a bigger settlement?

Why Wait for a Bigger Settlement?

Financial hardship often encourages personal injury victims to settle for a smaller settlement in order to get the money sooner. However, legal funding can allow personal injury victims to wait for a bigger settlement.

But, why wait for a bigger settlement?

REASON 1: You deserve it.

Personal injuries take a lot from personal injury victims. First, the personal injury victim has to deal with the pain from the injury. Personal injury victims miss out on a lot of things while they are dealing with this pain. They might miss out on a promotion, a family vacation, a season of little league, or even their child’s first steps. Further, in serious cases a personal injury victim may permanently lose certain physical or mental capabilities.

Also, personal injury victims lose income and gain expenses throughout the personal injury recovery and settlement period. This causes immense stress for personal injury victims.

Personal injury victims have to deal with a lot while waiting for a settlement. They should not have to deal with a settlement that is less than what they deserve.

REASON 2: Deep-pocket defendants should not get off free.

Many personal injury defendants have a lot more income than the victim they injured. Nonetheless, the defendant may still try to avoid giving the personal injury victim the money they deserve. The defendant is the one that did something wrong and personal injury victims should not have to pay while the defendants give a settlement they will not even miss.

REASON 3: There may be unexpected costs later.

Personal injury victims often cannot predict all the complications that could later develop from their injuries. Sometimes an injury will seem minor. If a personal injury victim accepts a small settlement and the injury ends up being something major, the personal injury victim will likely have to pay the extra costs. It is always better for personal injury victims to make sure they are compensated for future complications.

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC gives personal injury victims the lawsuit funding they need to wait for a bigger settlement. Lawsuit funding does not require any monthly payments and the does not have to be paid back until the personal injury victim receives his settlement. If you need “lawsuit funding so you can wait for bigger settlement, give Pegasus Legal Funding a call.

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