Why You Can Afford to be Compensated

Some personal injury victims assume they will not be able to afford to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party. However, these individuals are not aware of the option of using a lawsuit cash advance by filling out our application or calling us at (855)386-3968.

Personal injury attorneys often use contingency fees. This means that the personal injury victim does not have to pay the attorney unless there is a settlement in the case. Often the attorney will charge a set percentage of the settlement after the settlement has been reached instead of making the personal injury victim pay upfront.

Unfortunately, the attorney is not the only thing a personal injury victim has to worry about paying for in order to get a personal injury settlement. Personal injuries often create a lot of expenses. Further, the personal injury victim is often out of work. This makes paying for these expenses difficult.

Pegasus Legal Funding can make paying for these expenses easy. Pegasus Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding . Lawsuit funding is a cash advance on a future settlement. Lawsuit funding can be used for a variety of legal, document, and court fees. The best thing about lawsuit funding is that does not have to be paid back unless there is a settlement in the case. Lawsuit funding can make a fair settlement possible for individuals who could not afford the costs of a personal injury lawsuit otherwise.

If you need lawsuit funding , give Pegasus Legal Funding a call today.

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