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Winning Judgment - It Doesn’t End There

How to Get Justification of the Judgment and Collecting the Settlement

Plaintiffs can also do things to be able to get the settlement they truly deserve with the help of the court. Enforcement officers cans serve the papers to the defendant upon collection.
In fact, there are agencies that can help the victim to make collection with the defendant smoothly and without a hassle. Collection agencies and asset investigators are two of the best agencies that can help in the collection process if the defendant is too shady, even if judgment is already been imposed. Though, some of these agencies are costly, they are still effective in the collection of the settlement.

Plaintiffs are also suggested to make a lien on the defendant’s property or the plaintiff can accumulate a specific account of the defendant. Depending on how the plaintiff wants the collection to look like, it is still a very time consuming process. Meaning, judgment is not an assurance about the success of one’s lawsuit claim.
There are still many things that needs to be done that is not just about money but also time and effort. Though the judgment says these defendants are required to pay, it is still a question if they are willing to accept the judgment and pay what they are required to.

Pegasus Legal Funding Can Be of Huge Help

Pegasus Legal Funding can help in victims that are having a hard time in the collection of their winning settlement. We provide lawsuit cash advance at a very low interest rate. We have been in the industry for 14 years already and can assure that our lowest rate offer of 1.67% a month is the lowest among other lawsuit funding companies.

We can provide cash advance from $500-$500,000 because of the unlimited resources that we have. Our company’s reputation is based on how we deal with victims, especially on the processing of their applications with us. We are aware of the current situation of the victims and we make sure we are not of a hassle to them. Application and approval of lawsuit cash advance only takes less than 24 hours with us at Pegasus Legal Funding. Moreover, in some other cases, 4-6 hours is already enough.

Payment of the lawsuit cash advance can only be made if the victim’s battle for settlement was a successful one. If not, no repayment will be required. We are also not just about providing financial assistance. We can help our clients or victims to look for the best lawyer that can present their case in the court.

The lawyers that we do recommend are guaranteed professional and experienced to make the chance of winning the settlement very high. And if the victims still need medical assistance, we can ask our network from the biggest and best hospitals, surgeons and doctors to help them. They offer not just high quality medical services, but also lowest rates that you can’t find from other medical institutions.

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