Workplace Harassment/Discrimination and pre-settlement funding

Jokes at Your Expense are Not Funny

Many workplaces avoid dealing with a case of harassment because they claim that the accused party was “just joking.” However, if you found these so-called jokes offensive then you deserve to have your employer put an end to them. If harassing remarks or actions continued after you asked your employer to step in you should make your employer pay for the suffering that you have endured. A cash for settlement policy can help you take your case public to shame your employer for their lack of action.

Harassment can be Dangerous

When harassment goes beyond remarks and starts getting physical your safety could be at risk. If you find that a harassing coworker has been following you home or has started to place their hands on you then you should take action immediately. You should not wait until your physical safety is at risk. If you are worried about the cost of managing your case, litigation financing can help you to cover any additional costs, including getting the protection you might need so that you are not worried about your safety or that of your family in the future.

Discrimination Still Exists

As much as we would like to say we have developed into a colorblind society there are still cases every day where someone is passed by for a job opportunity because of their physical features. Whether it is due to race, gender or a disability you do not deserve to be thought of less because of a physical trait you possess. If you suspect that you were passed up for a promotion or were not hired because of discrimination , use litigation funding to make your experiences public, forcing this company to change your ways.

Get Cash So You can Leave

Even if you convince your employer to end harassing behavior, you are probably not comfortable working there anymore. You can use pre-settlement cash to cover your bills so you can quit your job before your case comes through. This way you do not have to deal with any more negativity. Once your case is finished, you can seek out employment from a more responsible company that has a stricter policy to protect their employees from harassment in the workplace. Your settlement will help to ensure that you do not lose money getting justice for the behavior you were forced to endure at your previous job.

If you have been subjected to workplace harassment and would like to know how to get legal financing for your pending lawsuit, feel free to fill out our online form or for faster service call today.

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