Workplace Hazards and How Legal Funding Can Help

You have a Right to be Safe at Work

There are countless laws that are specifically designed to make sure that employees are able to work in a safe work environment . This includes keeping up the building to prevent the building from falling into a state of disrepair that makes it dangerous to do your job. If your employer has been putting off repairs and it resulted in someone getting hurt, then they should be responsible for the medical costs that follow. Pre-settlement funding can provide you with the tools you need to hold them accountable.

Performing Tasks Safely

Employers that ask their employees to do something illegal or unsafe do not have the legal right to do so. This includes asking employees to perform a task on the job without providing them with the right tools or safety equipment to get it done. If these individuals get injured the company is liable for all of the medical costs and these should be paid in a timely manner. If an employer is holding out or refusing to pay the medical expenses they owe, use a lawsuit cash advance to cover your costs so you can go through the legal channels to handle the problem.

You Lost Your Job for Speaking Up

Labor Laws also prevent employers from firing an employee for refusing to take on a task that put their safety at risk. If you can prove that you were in danger and stepped away, causing you to lose your job you are entitled to the wages that you have lost. You can use a lawsuit settlement loan to cover your bills while you are out of work so you can focus on holding your previous employer accountable for failing to provide a safe work environment and adhere to labor laws.

You were Not Provided Disability Consideration

If you were hurt on the job you are entitled to disability benefits. You also cannot be let go if you are still physically capable of performing your job after the accident. Employers that try to cover up accidents by letting their employees go afterward are violating employment law and can be taken to court. You can use lawsuit cash to leave your job and find a more reasonable employer while you force your previous employer to pay your medical costs as well as your lost wages that were taken away from you due to their bad behavior. Would you like to know more? Call us today to speak with a litigation specialist.

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