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Wrongful Imprisonment: How a Lawsuit Cash Advance Can Help You

Imagine someone having to spend twenty or more of his/her prime years in prison, merely because of wrongful imprisonment. In recent times, New York alone has witnessed a series of exoneration’s freeing people wrongfully convicted The pain is aggravated when you also know that it took under 10 minutes for a Supreme Court Jury in Brooklyn to exonerate the defendant in one case. Such is the magnitude of wrongful imprisonment. The defendant in this particular instance has now sued the State of New York for $25 million. But, how many are aware of their rights under wrongful imprisonment. Remember, all such instances do not receive the media attention of big bang cases, where a battery of lawyers are present to advise the defendant on his rights and perhaps help institute a lawsuit. At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC, we have provided financial assistance to several victims of wrongful imprisonment through settlement funding and lawsuit cash advance.

Life After Exoneration

Joining the main stream of life after a person who suffered wrongful imprisonment is exonerated is no easy task. It takes time and lots of effort to claw back and lead a dignified life. Often times the individual is bankrupt because he has spent his prime years in prison and has no savings or credit to back him up. Compensation statutes in such instances are not uniform across all states and that makes things even more complicated for the victim. There must be competent and effective legal help to prosecute a wrongful imprisonment suit. Life must go on during the dependency of the suit and companies like Pegasus Legal Funding LLC understands the importance of putting that much needed cash in the hands of the victim. Over the years, we have extended lawsuit cash advance/settlement funding to several victims of wrongful imprisonment and are completely at home with the challenges that such individuals face.

Quick And Easy no-recourse Lawsuit Cash Advance

A major advantage with legal funding is that your attorney’s assessment of the lawsuit is the only back up that we seek. If your attorney affirms that you have a strong case prim-facile, the approval process for your settlement funding is quick and easy. As a no-recourse cash advance, your are liable to repay the advance only from the proceeds of the lawsuit. If an award is not passed in your favor, you owe nothing to the legal funding company.

If you have suffered wrongful imprisonment and have instituted a lawsuit upon exoneration, do not hesitate to speak to us. You can reach us on 855-FUND-YOU (toll free) and you will find the help that you badly need. Pegasus Legal Funding can offer financial relief from the day to day burdens of life. You can get a free evaluation and see what we can do to help you. The decision is all yours, after we can determine the merits of your particular situation, we can tell you how much money we can give you and the exact costs if you win your case (the time it takes will determine the total amount due when you win your case), but we present with examples of time periods for the award and settlement with each agreement. And you need not worry if you lose your case about the cash we gave you, if you lose your lawsuit you keep the money and will not have to repay anything. Other companies offering lawsuit loans will expect you to repay if you lose, the very same amount as if you won your lawsuit. That is why a lawsuit loan is risky and why a lawsuit cash advance from Pegasus is a better alternative.

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