Why do I need to have an attorney?

Your Attorney Will See You Through

In the course of the lawsuit, your attorney is there to help you to win the case. He will also be the person who we will talk to about a few basic things related to your case. It is very important to have a personal injury lawyer who not only understands the case,but also best in his field.

We might ask for important documents for us to be able to review the case as well. This will help us know how much legal funding you will need and how we should provide it to you. It is important to note that these documents will also be our reference to the financial assistance we provide to you.

Our Goal

Our company aims to be able to speed up the process in order to provide the legal funding before you go bankrupt due to debt. We understand that these lawsuits take some time before getting settled and we would not want you to get heavily indebted.

It is already expected that a person may already be in huge debt even before seeking legal actions from an attorney. This is why we would want to provide the pre-settlement funding immediately in order to help ease your financial woes. Our goal is to save you from incurring even more debt on your bank by providing legal funding.

We Understand What You’re Going Through

Your attorney has other responsibilities aside from working on your case. This means that you need to do your part as an individual as well. When it comes to assisting your case financially, you can depend on us. If we all cooperate well and play our parts right, we will surely succeed on our own endeavors on the case.

From the very start, it is very important to get the right attorney who can defend your case. The competency of the attorney can be measured by the number of cases he or she has handled and the number of cases won. Most importantly, the attorney’s dedication in handling the case will help you decide whether to ask for his service or seek someone else.

Once you win the case, that is the only time we will receive the agreed settlement we have discussed prior the agreement. The payment will be in the same form as the payment from the defendant, which is handed to your attorney. However, if you lose the case, then you need not repay us anything .

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James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible

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